“What IS Boosted Meditation?”

Boosted Meditation is a term to encompass meditation and other tools that will make your meditation work even quicker.

You see, meditation on its own can take up to NINE months (to years) to fully work.  Will it work right away?  Yes.  It will relax your mind and body immediately during and right after meditating.  This is very important when dealing with some of the major health concerns that bring people to meditation like stress and anxiety!  You need results and you need them NOW.  However, to live the lifestyle and gain the benefits of a person who meditates regularly (no – you don’t have to live like a monk), it can take 9 months (or years).

With Boosted Meditation, you first learn what meditation is, and some easy, quick meditations to help you feel relaxed and positive.  But the boosted part comes in when you start to incorporate other things.

You will read about exactly how (and why) Boosted Meditation will work for YOU below; but here is a list of ‘boosted’ tools you will learn that will help get you feeling better quickly:

  • How to monitor your thoughts to control your life and how you react to situations.
  • How to use your mind so you will be the captain of your ship – steering yourself exactly where you want to go.
  • How a few minutes of feeling grateful, positive, and loving will change your life – and how to do it.
  • Mini-challenges to help you along the way.
  • And more…

Simply put – Boosted Meditation will guide you, progressively, to become a master in meditation so you will live a life full of ease and peace, while fixing the issues that brought on the life you currently have in the first place.

“How will Boosted Meditation Work for ME?”

Do you want to get rid of stress, anxiety, stagnation, despair, lack of money, poor health and negativity  that you deal with?  I am seriously asking that question.  Sometimes there are people that thrive on those feelings and don’t want to give them up.  Sometimes living a life full of those negative attributes actually defines a person, or they receive special attention for their afflictions.

So will Boosted Meditation work for you?  If you want it to work, it will.  As with any change, there is  a little work to be done.  Want to lose weight?  Work on it.  Want to earn more money? Work on it.  Want to quit smoking?  Work on it.  Want to live without negativity?  Work on it.

Will it be hard?  No.  Actually, just the opposite.  It is super simple if you just carve out a few minutes each day for you.  That’s right.  You’ve heard it before (especially if you’re a mom), take time for you.  If you commit to yourself that you want to live a life that is peaceful, productive, and anything and everything you want it to be – then Boosted Meditation will work for you.

“Why is this site different from the others out there?”

There are tons of “self-help” type sites out there.  You can even find a ton of information about how to meditate; but even if those sites go into the details of meditation, that is where they stop.  Like mentioned earlier, when you learn the basics of meditation, you are actually right on the cusp of opening a whole new, wonderful world for yourself.  You are practicing things that, if taken in a slightly different direction, will propel you to be wherever you want to be in your life.

Heavy, right?  Don’t worry.  All in due time.

This site will take you beyond basic meditation, give you the knowledge to improve your life, and you will always receive personalized help, unique to your situation.

“Unique to my situation?”  Yep.  Simply email me your question or problem.  I will personally help you.  Guaranteed.

“What is the Mission of Boosted Meditation?”

The mission of Boosted Meditation is to help those who suffer from negative life situations learn mental and meditation techniques that will allow them to move on and live their best lives.

On a broad scope, I ultimately want to spread the word that with Boosted Meditation, anybody can have what they want through the power each of us has in our minds.

“So this goes beyond meditation?”

Boosted Meditation most definitely goes beyond meditation.  (That’s where the “Boosted” part comes in!)  Negativity is an affliction of the mind – of thought.  To fix it, you must want that change, and you must change your thoughts.  Those thoughts are buried in your subconscious mind.  Meditation is the first step in changing those thoughts.  If somebody tells you that meditation is the cure all – they are mistaken.  Meditation is the springboard to the self cure negativity.

From the meditative state, you will eventually create a calmer mind; and past that, you will Boost yourself to a place of not only peace, but fulfillment.

I know it sounds difficult and time consuming and as if you are going to have to adopt a brand new lifestyle.  Not so.  Tiny steps is the way to go, and that is how we do things here.  You will see immediate results and as you continue on with the newsletter, you will notice a positive change in all areas of your life.

You “fix” your life issues the exact same way successful people create their happy, prosperous lives.  Why not do both?

“Why should I listen to you, Erin?”

I had stress and anxiety that started when I was in 4th grade.  Actually, it probably started sooner than that because in 4th grade I already had a massive side effect of stress and anxiety – migraines.  I was admitted to the hospital for all kinds of scans and x-rays, stayed for two nights, and was diagnosed at that early age.

On and off through my life, the migraines would come and go – based on how my life was going at the time (how much stress and anxiety I had).

When I was 18, I found a book that would change my life – “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”.  That book led me to questions that I never knew existed and made me question all kinds of things, including my faith.  I read so many books.  I implemented so many different things throughout the years.  I questioned my beliefs again.  I threw them all away – only to come back to them again after my Dad died an early, surprising death.  At that point, I was right back to the beginning it seemed.  Anxiety was the main culprit at that time.  Stress was too – was I going to die an early death like my Dad?  But it was mostly anxiety that was so bad it lead to panic attacks.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind was my go-to for answers.  I changed my life.  I changed my habits.  I got better.  I didn’t get all of my answers from that book though.  From my earlier years, I had stored all of the information I read.  It came back to me very easily.  The only thing that I added, that I hadn’t learned about before, was hypnosis.

Fast forward about a decade and here I am.  I have since used the exact same things I did for stress and anxiety to create the life of my dreams.  Do I still have things to work on – to accomplish?  Sure!  Do I need those things?  No.  I have everything I need.  I have everything I want.  I just want to create more because I know I can.  I want to create more so I can help others.  I want to create more because it’s amazing to me how it is done – how magical we all are.  I want to create more to prove that we all have this capability and I want to revolutionize the way we all live.  Tall order, right?

For me, it started with stress and anxiety.  Two horrible things that lead me to my current, wonderful life.  If things had been easy for me, if I never had to deal with the stress and anxiety, I may not be as happy as I am right now.  Weird, isn’t it?  A happy circumstance if you ask me!

I know how to do this.  I’ve done it.  I have refined it.  I have the answers you want.

I also know that right now, you probably just want to be freed from stress and anxiety.  That’s fine.  You will be.  If you want to go on a miraculous ride though – stick around because after you’ve dealt with your negative life issues – you are so close to having everything you want.

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