How To Make Your Own Meditation Recording

Making your own meditation recording is a simple way to make sure you are getting exactly what you want from a meditation.  Plus, chances are you already have exactly what you need to make one – your cellphone.

Simply look for a “memo”, “voice recorder” or something similar and record your meditation.  (Are you handy on your computer?  Try this free trial recording software from Adobe!)

If you don’t know what to say for your meditation, this site has plenty of free “scripts” you can read while recording.  You will want to remember to talk s-l-o-w-l-y while recording – much slower than you think.  Remember how you feel when you are meditating – you don’t want to be rushed!

Remember that you can make this whatever you want it to be!  You can include specific words or situations if you want.  You can use your words to entice a particularly good emotion… no rules here except to speak slowly!

TIP: Have a glass of ice water or warm tea nearby.  My throat always dries up right before recording.

If you would rather fling yourself into barbed wire instead of hear yourself on audio, check out the recommended guided meditation CD’s I’ve picked out for you!

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