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Meditation Techniques

Meditation is the starting point to getting whatever you want in life.

Unfortunately, meditation is often looked over and not tried.  It seems too hard.  It seems too simple to work.  It takes up too much time.  Pills are easier…  The excuses are easily found.

Fortunately, meditation is extremely easy, AND it is free!  Contrary to what most people think, anything that happens during meditating is a part of meditating!  That means if your thoughts wander (and they will), that is fine.

No more excuses.  Meditation will help take you from a place of hopelessness, despair and negativity.

Here are 5 different meditation techniques that have been reduced to simplified form for the beginner.  Pick the one that sounds best to you and go for it!  Really – it’s that simple.

Note: If you find yourself prone to fall asleep during meditation, make sure you sit up instead.  Also – set an alarm so you don’t have to worry about how long you’ve been meditating.

Mindfulness Meditation

You simply find a quiet place to relax and close your eyes.  Now you simply notice.  Notice your thoughts.  Let them come and then let them go.  Notice your breathing.  Is is shallow?  Is it deep?  Notice any sounds you may hear.  Notice how your clothes feel on your skin.  Notice the pressure of your body.  Simply notice and be mindful about what is going on around you and in your thoughts.  Allow what you notice to come and go.

Transcendental Meditation 

You sit in lotus or half lotus position (picture is half lotus), close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and repeat a mantra, or word that has significance for you.  Here are some examples of mantras or words that are excellent for stress and anxiety:Half Lotus

  • I feel at peace.
  • I am relaxed.
  • I have let go of what I do not need.
  • Peace.
  • Relax.
  • Freedom.

By the way, you do not have to place your hands like in the picture.  You can rest them on your knees palm up or palm down, or form circles with your thumb and middle finger and place them on your knees.

Qi Gong

This form of meditation is best described by an expert.  Watch, and do the video instruction below.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is when you are verbally guided through a relaxing scene.  This is a great form of meditation if your mind wanders a LOT, or you find yourself getting upset if you can’t turn off your thinking process.

Here is a website that has a lot of FREE guided meditations!  Here is another great site with freebies too!

Breathing Meditation

If you are a part of the newsletter, you will recognize this meditation.  (If you haven’t signed up yet – do so and you’ll get goodies like this all the time!)  Meditating through breath is simply focusing on your breath while in a relaxed state.  It is wonderful if you find your thoughts keep running around your mind.breathing meditation

1. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds.
2. Hold for 2 seconds.
3. Breathe out through your mouth for 4 seconds.
4. Pause for 2 seconds.

Repeat for at least 5 minutes.

* Imagine a rectangle while doing this meditation. The long sides are
when you’re breathing in and out, and the short sides are when you
are paused, or holding your breath.
* Pay attention to your chest and belly area when breathing. Is it your
chest, or your stomach that is rising and falling? Whichever is just
fine for now – but try to make it your belly that rises and falls. That is
good, deep breathing that will go a long way.

There you have it – 5 simple meditation techniques you can implement into your life to bring about positive changes in your life.  Meditation will help immediately when staring down some massive troubles; AND it will help create the life you want when done on a regular basis.

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